The objective of the project was to format and design a clear and easy-to-understand warranty booklet for Toyota customers in Libya. The booklet was required to be available in both Arabic & English.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the project included the following:

- Gathering and analyzing the information required for the booklet from various sources,      including the Toyota Libya website and marketing materials.
- Designing a prototype of the booklet using Corel Draw X4.
- Reviewing the prototype with a team of automotive experts.
- Making the necessary changes to the design based on the feedback from the experts.
- Preparing the final version of the booklet and submitting it to Toyota Libya for printing.


The following deliverables were produced for the project:

- A clear and easy-to-understand warranty booklet in both Arabic and English.
- The Corel Draw X4 source files for the booklet.


The new warranty booklet provides a number of benefits to Toyota customers in Libya, including:

- Increased clarity and understanding of the warranty terms and conditions.
- Easier access to the warranty information in both Arabic and English.
- Improved customer satisfaction and confidence in Toyota Libya.
- Conclusion

The formatting and designing of the warranty booklet for Toyota cars in Libya was a successful project that resulted in a clear, easy-to-understand, and bilingual booklet that provides Toyota customers with the information they need to understand their warranty terms and condition

Project: Design the Warranty Booklet for Toyota Libya Company
The exclusive agent in Libya
Language: Arabic & English
Client: Toyota Libya
Designer : Husamir
Agency / Printing Services: MASS LLC

Pages: 20
Software Used: Corel Draw X4 & Photoshop
Completion Date: February 2014

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